Singing the tune of staggering student debt is nothing new. By now we are all accustomed to headlines that read something like, “Why student debt is ‘a crisis’ for some borrowers,” and “Average student-loan debt skyrockets to disturbing high.” But, who says your education has to match your mortgage or

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, a group of WGU Nevada alumni, staff, and faculty journeyed to Carson City, the capital of Nevada, to meet with members of the Nevada Legislature to showcase the online, nonprofit university. The alumni shared their personal success stories directly with their state representatives and described

Talk about a unique way for youths to practice reading! Nevada Reading Week got a little creative with WGU Nevada, books, and shelter animals In both Las Vegas and Reno, WGU Nevada hosted Reading week events with local students during Nevada Reading Week, a statewide initiative for librarians and teachers

Judging by the headlines, it would seem that teachers – new ones in particular – are leaving the profession in droves. Some sources put the overall teacher turnover rate at nearly 50 percent within the first five years in the profession, and stories about massive teacher shortages are rampant. Yet

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