Kenny Weaver grew up in Lackawanna, New York, a small city just outside of Buffalo, with a dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. So after high school, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at a traditional university and immediately enrolled in an M.S. in Childhood Education (Grades

Andrea Petty was told she would never go to college. As a child she was shipped across the country between separated parents for years which left her feeling lonely, unstable, and insecure about herself and her future. As she entered her teens, Andi began spending every summer with her father

Angela Thompson grew up a resident of the world. With her father’s military career, moving was inevitable, and she moved so frequently that adjusting to a new locale became just a regular part of life. After 17 different cities, picking up and moving every two years became a lifestyle for

By Derrick Glum WGU Nevada alum, MBA Healthcare Management My experience at WGU was a family affair. Equal sacrifice was made by my extraordinary wife and five (three at the time) beautiful daughters. As I was burning the midnight oil and becoming a Night Owl, my wife patiently and lovingly

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