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The scholarships, worth up to $2,000 each, will be awarded to up to 100 students enrolling in WGU’s College of Information Technology to help cover the costs of WGU’s affordable tuition of...

For some, education has many hurdles, two big ones being time and money. WGU Nevada tackles these obstacles as a new type of university for a new you.

WGU Nevada has been bridging the gap for many people who have been striving to further their education, but didn't have the time to dedicate to a normal brick and mortar institution.

For the Las Vegas area to continue to be a place of opportunity, it must continue to reinvent itself in ways perhaps fundamentally different from previous eras.

The university’s inaugural graduation ceremony recognized those who completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business, K-12 teacher education, information technology and health...

WGU is one of the solutions put into place to serve adult learners and rural communities in Nevada

WGU's more-for-less approach turns the status-quo model for higher education upside down.

One new alternative in Nevada to the "education-to-employment" paradigm is WGU Nevada.

One new alternative in Nevada to the “education-to-employment” paradigm is WGU Nevada.

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