WGU Nevada RSS Feed

WGU Nevada RSS Feed

Are you searching for a way to get the latest WGU Nevada news? Subscribe to the WGU Nevada news feed! Read the tips below about subscribing and more info about news feeds, RSS, and WGU Nevada.

1. What is a news feed?
2. How do I subscribe to WGU Nevada's news feeds?
3. What is a news reader?
4. Should I use a news reader?
5. What is RSS?

What is a News Feed?

A news feed (also known as an RSS feed) is an ongoing list of updated news. Feeds are used by websites to efficiently distribute their most recent news directly to interested subscribers. Updates are delivered directly through a variety of channels, including web portals, news readers, or emails.

How Do I Subscribe to WGU Nevada's News Feeds?

There are two methods to subscribe to WGU Nevada's news feeds:

  1. Subscribing through an RSS news reader.
  2. Subscribing to receive emails as soon as updates are posted.

Subscribing to WGU Nevada’s news feeds requires a news reader installation. Refer to #4 about more information about news readers.

After installing the news reader, locate and enter the addresses to each feed you wish to subscribe to.

To receive WGU Nevada's updates via email, enter your email address in the appropriate form below.

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    What is a News Reader?

    A news reader is a software program used to read updates from your subscribed news feeds. A news reader acts as a channel to receive information in the same way Outlook and Gmail are used to receive email.

    Should I Use a News Reader?

    If you subscribe to several feeds, a news reader is a useful way to receive your information in one place. Rather than browsing through several sites each day, you can simply consult your news feed for the most recent updates. There are several readers available, including Feed Demon, Google Reader, Sharp Reader, and NewsGator (an Outlook plugin) for Windows, NetNewsWire and Shrook for Macs, and Bloglines.com for those who like web-based readers.

    What is RSS?

    Really Simple Syndication—otherwise known as RSS—is a collection of news feed formats used to receive information from blogs, news sites, and multimedia (such as audio and video). An RSS feed is a site’s way of allowing you to subscribe to and receive their syndicated news.

    RSS feeds (also known as RSS documents) usually exclude a summary text that may be selected to expand it. It also may include article titles, authors, and published dates. These feeds can accessed by the readers listed above.

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