Culture, Heritage, and Education

Carrie Brown grew up wanting her Native culture and heritage to play an ever-present role in her life. From Nixon, Nevada, Carrie lives in a rural area, but has never let anything hold her back from an education.

“I can either seek to quench my thirst for success and education, or I can embrace and live my culture, but I cannot do both.” Fortunately, since finding WGU Nevada, Carrie has found for herself that she can get the high-quality education that she feels so strongly about, while also holding true to the culture and values that have made her who she is today.

Carrie graduated with an M.S. in Management and Leadership. Brown currently works in public health and transportation. However, she does use the concepts and skills that she learned from her degree program in her work, as she provides training for many agencies and advocates for tribes in Nevada and California at the state and federal levels. She plans to use her degree to move forward in her work and continue to lead tribes in public and private sectors.

Hear more from the 2017 WGU Nevada graduate speaker Carrie Brown here:

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