How 75,000+ Working Adults Played Career Leapfrog


We all want to know how to jump ahead of the pack - take the lead.

Take a few lessons from the many who have found one way to fearlessly change their position in life.

Are you tired of being passed up for greater opportunities? Are you looking to jumpstart your career? If so, why not give WGU Nevada a chance? In less than two years, the online, nonprofit university, has already enabled 1,500 graduates to realize their dreams and achieve their academic goals. And Western Governors University, parent university of WGU Nevada, has seen that same number skyrocket to 80,000 graduates.

With the sole purpose of expanding access to higher education for Nevada residents, WGU Nevada is designed to serve the needs of students by offering more than 60 accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees the high-demand career fields of teacher education, business, information technology, and health professions, including nursing.

With yearly tuition at about $6,000 per year—roughly half of what other online universities charge, WGU Nevada strives to make higher education affordable.

Still not convinced? Here is what a few WGU graduates have to say about their experience:


"Since I've graduated, I've received a job at a high school. I had two different schools fighting over me. I'm a highly-qualified teacher and I absolutely love it. I'm doing something worthwhile. I'm affecting people's lives." - Ken Spruell


"The moment I started my MBA at WGU, I got promoted to Director of IT. Now, with my new skills and credentials, I'm preparing for a C-level position." - Manjit Sooch


"After I finished my degree, I was immediately employed in a better organization and doing a lot more with my interests and field of study." - Lauren Vagelakos


"After I graduated from WGU, I quickly got a much better job and nearly doubled my salary." - Eric Gardner


"Since I've graduated from WGU, I've seen an increase in my income. And having my degree really helps to open doors for higher level consulting work." - Paula Bennett

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