"Teaching is what I was meant to do."

Through an unprecedented chain of events that began with Samantha Brady’s decision to drop out of high school, this mother of four finally reached an amazing goal and attended her first graduation.

“Thirteen years later, this high school dropout is finally participating in her first graduation ceremony…with a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction,” she said, referring to her degree from WGU Nevada.

Samantha is truly the heroic mother, wife, and teacher that her children, husband, and class believe her to be as she achieved her education dreams, while also helping children realize their own education dreams.

“Once I was in the classroom, I quickly realized that teaching wasn’t just summers off and playing with kids all day. Teaching is exhausting…and sometimes defeating. You care about your students so much more than you ever realize. It’s a heavy responsibility. I may not have decided to become a teacher for the right reasons, but I know now that teaching is what I was meant to do.”

Hear more from the 2017 WGU Nevada graduate speaker Samantha Brady here:

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