WGU Nevada to Award a Record Number of Scholarships

Courtesy of KRNV News 4 & Fox 11 Reno, NV. 



Higher education can be expensive, but one university wants to help you get the education you deserve.

Western Governors University has been around since the mid '90s and has establishments in all 50 states.

While they've been able to serve more than 70,000 students over the years, the online organization is celebrating its first year here in the Silver State.

Since last June, the enrollment numbers at the college have doubled, starting at 800 students and growing to 1,800. They offer classes in business, I.T., health professions and education.

In honor of their 200 graduates in May and a new school year, the university is awarding nearly 900 scholarships across the board, plus 14 full ride scholarships for education students.

For more info on WGU Nevada and their competency-based education (CBE) model, click here.

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