WGU Nevada Day at the Legislature

Nevada Legislature meeting On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, a group of WGU Nevada alumni, staff, and faculty journeyed to Carson City, the capital of Nevada, to meet with members of the Nevada Legislature to showcase the online, nonprofit university. The alumni shared their personal success stories directly with their state representatives and described how WGU Nevada’s competency-based model allowed them to progress through their programs at a faster rate while saving money on the university’s low tuition costs. Many representatives had heard about WGU Nevada but did not know how the university’s model differed from other online universities. The meetings provided for great interactions were positive experiences.

WGU Nevada’s group was highlighted with a formal welcome in both chambers. In the Senate, Chancellor Spencer Stewart, WGU Alumni Cheryl White, and Silvia Mendoza-Stout, along with WGU Student Shanna Mendez, had the honor to be seated on the floor with Senators Manendo and Harris. In the Assembly, WGU Alumni Karen Greenberg and Natasha Koch had the opportunity to sit on the floor as Speaker Frierson’s guest while WGU Nevada Advisory Board Member and Assemblywoman Benitez-Thompson introduced the group to the Assembly. The rest of the WGU Nevada group were present in the gallery to witness the welcomes and to observe the business of the day.

After the events and meetings of the day, WGU Nevada hosted an evening reception at Bella Fiore Wine Bar just across the street from the Legislative Building and gave everyone an opportunity to mix and mingle with legislators and staff, to continue to share stories, and discuss the benefits of the university. All those who participated in WGU Nevada Day at the Legislature felt a sense of pride to represent the university to the state’s representatives.

WGU Nevada Introduction to the Assembly

WGU Nevada Introduction to the Senate

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