MS Educational Leadership Areas of Study

Master of Science in Educational Leadership

The Master of Science in Educational Leadership is a competency-based degree program that prepares students at the graduate level to become licensed as school principals. The program's philosophy is based on that of the school principal as the school's instructional team leader. Work in this degree program takes place in a case study format and utilizes a case study school site or district. Students also complete a practicum working closely with a school administrator in a practicum school site. Practicum activities take place at both the elementary (K-6) and secondary (7-12) levels and occur during the concluding term of the program. All students complete a capstone project in which they design and implement data-driven school improvement initiatives based on the results of their case studies and practicum. The program is aligned to the ELCC 2011 standards.

Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership area of study is comprised of seven predominantly performance task-based subdomains through which you will complete a thorough case study analysis of your school site as well as demonstrate your competencies as aligned to national standards. The domain culminates in a cumulative objective assessment.

Governance, Finance, Law, and Leadership
This subdomain contains content in educational law, finance, and administration as well as a case study review of your site’s leadership practices.

Performance Excellence Criteria
This subdomain reviews the case study model and prepares you to complete a thorough review of the effectiveness of their case study site’s operations, outcomes, and leadership.

Process Management
This subdomain reviews best practices in process management for educational leaders, as well as an evaluation of your case study site’s process management policies and practices.

Student, Stakeholder, and Market Focus
This subdomain reviews principles and practices of meeting stakeholder needs and reviews your case study site’s effectiveness in managing stakeholder relationships.

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
This subdomain reviews principles and practices of program and curriculum effectiveness evaluation as well as best practices in technology for educational leaders. You also complete a program, practice, or curriculum effectiveness evaluation in your case study site as well as an evaluation of technology implementation.

Workforce Focus
This subdomain reviews best practices in human resource administration for educational leaders, as well as an evaluation of your case study site’s workforce management practices.

Strategic Planning
This subdomain reviews principles and practices of the strategic planning process as well as a case study review of the strategic planning processes in your case study site.

Comprehensive Educational Leadership Integration

You will complete a comprehensive objective proctored assessment in Educational Leadership theory and practices, including administrative theory, school law, school finance, curriculum development and implementation, personnel management, public relations, and technology. You will be required to pass the Comprehensive Educational Leadership Integration objective assessment.

Educational Leadership Practicum

The program culminates with a six-month practicum program during which you simultaneously complete an action research project by proposing school-wide improvement initiatives aligned with Baldrige quality standards while completing school administrative and leadership tasks under the direction and leadership of a practicing K–12 school principal at your case study school site. You will be able to demonstrate to prospective employers your ability to propose, lead, and manage school improvement initiatives for excellence based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Candidates begin the practicum upon the successful completion of all prior assessments in the program.

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