M.S. Special Education Areas of Study

WGU Nevada Master of Science in Special Education

The WGU Nevada Master of Science in Special Education program content is based on research on effective instruction as well as national and state standards. It provides content and pedagogical knowledge related to preK–12 teaching. The Master of Science in Special Education program content and training processes are consistent with the accountability intent of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEIA) of 2004 and the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) of 2001. The Master of Science in Special Education program includes appropriate and rigorous subject-matter preparation and research-based pedagogical course preparation.

Special Education

Special Education, Law and Legal Issues

Psychoeducational Assessment Practices and IEP Development and Implementation

Behavioral Management and Intervention

Instructional Models and Design, Supervision and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Instructional Design and Performance Improvement

Instructional Design Theories
This course focuses on creating effective and efficient instruction.

Issues in Instructional Design
This course focuses on learning theories, cultural sensitivity, task analysis and design theories for creating effective, well articulated, and efficient instruction.

Instructional Design Production
Instructional Design Production focuses on the application of a systematic process of instructional design, namely the concepts and procedure for analyzing and designing successful instruction. This course will prepare students to conduct a goal analysis, a process used to identify instructional goals, as well as a task analysis, which is used to determine the skills and knowledge required to accomplish those goals. This course also focuses on writing performance objectives, designing assessments, and developing instruction that incorporates relevant learning theories. Methods for formatively evaluating a unit of instruction are also introduced. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Research Fundamentals

Foundations of Research
This course focuses on differentiating between different research paradigms, including qualitative, quantitative, and action research.

Literature Reviews for Educational Research
This course focuses on selecting an appropriate research topic, evaluating the reliability of primary and secondary source information, and conducting a literature review.

Research Proposal
This course focuses on developing a research proposal that includes the literature review, research questions, methodology, and data analysis.

Issues in Research Fundamentals
This course focuses on developing a research strategy that clarifies what data to collect and how to analyze it using descriptive and inferential statistics.

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